British Army Officers in the Great War
Life Death & Remembrance
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CALDER, William Menzies Grant 2/Lt, 15th Hampshire Regt. Son of William Menzies & Julia Matilda Calder. Husband of Matilda Sophie nee BEACH. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. CAMPBELL-MURDOCH, Louis Forde 2/Lt, 2nd Scots Guards. Son of Charles & Jenny Murdoch, of Casablanca, Morocco; husband of Anita Hope MaCaulay (formerly Campbell-Murdoch), of Hampstead Heath, London.  † DOW 19 Sept 1916. CAREY, Arthur Stanley Lieut, 1st/8th Middlesex Regt. Son of Arthur Giuseppe Carey & Ada Emma Carey, of 57, Loughborough Park, London. Educated in Hanover, at the Lycee Lakanal, Paris, and the Strand School, London.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. CAREY, Francis Ambrose 2/Lt, 32nd London Regt. (City of London) (Royal Fusiliers) (East Ham). Son of Francis Harwood Carey and Edith Carey, of Whitley Lodge, Beulah Rd., Thornton Heath, Surrey.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. CARPENTER, John Philip Morton Lieut, Royal Field Artillery. Son of Archdeacon Harry W. Carpenter and Annie S. Carpenter, of North Canonry, The Close, Salisbury. † Died 16 Sept 1916. CARRINGTON, Harold Edward Capt & Adjutant, 15th Hampshire Regt. Son of Florence Carrington of Northam, North Devon, and Arthur Carrington. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. CHAPMAN, David Archibald James 2/Lt, 2nd Scots Guards. Son of Col. David Phelips Chapman and Agnes Mary Chapman of Surrey; husband of Lillian Georgina Chapman nee Warner. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. CHAPMAN, George Edwin 2/Lt, 150th Machine Gun Corps. Son of Ebenezer & Clara Emma Chapman, of Woking, Surrey. Gold & Silver Medallist (Chemistry) University College, London; Goldsmid and Ellen Watson Scholar, University College; Mathematical Scholar, University of London.  † DOW 27 Sept 1916. CHARLESWORTH, William Henry Major, 6th King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. Son of Eva G. Hellins, of Marnhull Rectory, Sturminster Newton, Dorset.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. CHESTERS, John Richard Lieut, 12th (Bermondsey) East Surrey Regt. Son of Richard & Mary Ellen Chesters. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. CHICHESTER, William George Cubitt Capt, 1/8th London Regt. (City of London) (Post Office Rifles). Son of Rev. Canon Edward Arthur & the Hon. Mrs Chichester, Ashleigh, Dorking, Surrey. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. CLAPPEN, Wilfred Joseph 2/Lt, 10th Durham Light Infantry. Son of William & Hannah Clappen, of Southbourne, Bournemouth. B.Sc. in Agriculture, Durham University. On joining Army in Jan 1915, was Master in Agriculture, North Eastern County School, Barnard Castle.  † DOW 22 Sept 1916. CLAPTON, Arthur 2/Lt, 32nd London Regt. (City of London) (Royal Fusiliers) (East Ham). Son of Rev. Ernest Clapton & Margaret Jane Clapton, of The Orchard, Sherborne, Dorset. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. CLARE, Arthur Vernon 2/Lt, 21st London Regt. (First Surrey Rifles). Son of Lilian A. Clare, of 5, Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park, London, and Rev. Montague C. Clare, M.A. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. CLARK, Horace Arthur Capt, 1/24th London (Queen's) Regt. Son of Mrs. Chirston Clark, of Fairfield, Wormley, Herts & George Clark. † KIA 14 Sept 1916. CLEGG, Joseph Capt, 6th King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. Son of Samuel S. & Martha Clegg of Morley, Yorkshire. † KIA 16 Sept 1916. COHEN, Moss 2/Lt, 21st London (First Surrey Rifles) Regt. Son of Michael & Rebecca Cohen, of Maida Vale, London. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. COMBE, George Henry Richard Lieut, 7th Rifle Brigade. Son of Richard Combe and Lady Constance Combe, of Pierrepont, Farnham, Surrey.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. COOK, Charles Stanley Blannin 2/Lt, 1/8th London Regt. (City of London) (Post Office Rifles). Son of Albert Brooks & Elizabeth Cook, of Fishponds, Bristol. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. COOPER, Alfred Lynn 2/Lt, 1st/19th London Regt. (Co. of London) (St Pancras). Son of Alfred & Elizabeth Cooper, of Earls Court, London. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. COOPER, Herbert Leonard 2/Lt, 1st/7th Middlesex Regt. Son of Charles & Hannah Cooper, of Itchingfield, Horsham; husband of Helen Louisa Cooper, of "Ivydale", Brighton Rd., South Croydon. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. COOTE, Philip Edward 2/Lt, 1/8th London Regt. (City of London) (Post Office Rifles)  Son of Charles A. & Julia R. Coote, of Finsbury Park, London. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. COSTELLO, Archibald Gordon 2/Lt, 1st/17th London Regt. (Poplar and Stepney Rifles).  Son of Christopher Arthur and Mary Jane Costello.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. COWDEROY, Horace 2/Lt, 1st/20th London Regt. (Blackheath & Woolwich). Son of Henry and Amy Cowderoy; husband of Dorothy S. Cowderoy, of Barons Court, London. Born Wandsworth, London.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. COWIE, Daniel MacDougald Capt, 10/11th Highland Light Infantry. Son of James & Margaret MacDougald Cowie, of Toronto, Lake Macquarie, NSW. [Brother of William below].  † DOW 17 Sept 1916. COWIE, William 2/Lt, 13th Royal Scots. Son of James Cowie, of Toronto, Lake Macquarie, NSW. Late of Glasgow, Scotland. [Brother of Daniel above].  † DOW 28 Sept 1916. CROFTS, Frederic Wilkinson Capt, 1st/17th London Regt. (Poplar and Stepney Rifles). Son of James & Elizabeth Crofts, of Nottingham; husband of Mary Elizabeth Crofts, of Sherwood, Nottingham. † DOW 15 Sept 1916. CRUIKSHANK, Guy Lindsay [See also Article “Surviving Family Shame”] Capt, 70th Squadron 1st Royal Flying Corps. Son of James and Marie Cruikshank, of 4, Devonshire House, Devonshire Place, Eastbourne.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. CUBITT, Henry Archibald Capt, 3rd Coldstream Guards. Chevalier of the Legion of Honour. Son of Hon. Henry Cubitt (2nd Baron Ashcombe), C.B., & Maud, his wife, of Denbies, Dorking. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. CULLEN, John 2/Lt, 11th Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders. Son of Robert & Margaret Cullen, of Bridgend, Islay, Argyllshire.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. CULLEY, Geoffrey Matthew George Capt, 11th Queen's Own (Royal West Kent) Regt. Son of Matthew T. & Eleanor Culley, of Coupland Castle, Northumberland; husband of Elizabeth F. Culley, of Corscombe, Dorset. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. CUNNINGHAM, Arthur Joseph 2/Lt, 1st/18th London Regt. (Co. of London) (London Irish Rifles). Son of Patrick Tuhan & Margaret Cunningham, of Westbourne Park, London. Born at Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. CURWEN, Cecil Niel Lieut (Temp), 18th King's Royal Rifle Corps. Son of Thomas Cecil and Margaret Curwen.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. DALRYMPLE-CLARK, Douglas Scott Capt, 18th King's Royal Rifle Corps. Son of Robert Douglas & Caroline Dalrymple-Clark, of Pietermaritzburg, Natal; husband of Irene F. C. N. Dalrymple-Clark, of Clevedon, Somerset.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. DAVIES, Leslie Capt, 1st/15th London Regt. (Civil Service Rifles). Son of Mary E. Davies, of 16, Warwick Cres., Upper Westbourne Tce, London, & John Arthur Davies. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. DAVIS, Cyril York Capt, 12th (Bermondsey) East Surrey Regt. [Born ISAACS]. Son of David & Isabel Sylvia Isaacs, of St Peter Intra, Kent. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. DAVIS, Leigh Jacob Capt, 1st/19th London Regt. (Co. of London) (St Pancras). Son of Arthur Richard & Priscilla Alice Davis, of  West Hampstead, London.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. DAVIS, Ralph Salway 2/Lt, 6th Somerset Light Infantry. Son of Frank Benjamin & Emily Mary Davis.  † KIA 16 Sept 1916. DAWES, George Hugh Lieut, 1st/5th (Cumberland) Border Regt. Son of Joseph & Esther Dawes, of Cheadle, Cheshire.  Formerly Madras Volunteer Guards Mounted Rifles. Resided in India 1897-1913; a member of the Mounted Company, Madras Volunteer Guards.  † KIA 16 Sept 1916. DAWKINS, Guy Stacey 2/Lt, 2nd Scots Guards. Son of Fred William and Amelia Dawkins, of Teddington, Middlesex.  † KIA 16 Sept 1916. DE CAUX, William Capt, 9th Norfolk Regt. Son of William & Helen Sarah Williams De Caux.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. DE SATGÉ, Frederick Gordon Capt, 7th King's Royal Rifle Corps. Son of Oscar John &  Beatrice Elizabeth de Satgé.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. DEAN, Cyril Edward Brietzcke 2/Lt, 121st Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery. Son of Georgina Dean, of 5, Mount Ave, London, & Cyril Charles SDean who also died in War Service. † KIA 15 Sept 1916. DICKINSON, Lionel St Clair 2/Lt, 1st/1st London Regt. (City of London) (Royal Fusiliers). Son of Dr. Alfred Ernest Christopher and Florence Janie Dickinson, of Grove House School, 53, South Grove, Highgate, London. A  Signalling Officer.  † KIA 16 Sept 1916. DICKSON, James Yuille 2/Lt, 21st London Regt. (First Surrey Rifles). Son of Thomas and Jane Dickson, of 898, Cumbernauld Rd., Riddrie, Glasgow.  † DOW 16 Sept 1916. DILBÉROGLUE,  Richard Nicholas Lieut, 1st Coldstream Guards. Son of Plato and Julia Dilberoglue, of The Lodge, 19, Southfields Rd., Eastbourne.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. DOCKREE, Gilbert Arthur 2/Lt, 1st/6th London Regt. (City of London Rifles). Son of Edwin and Dorothy Martha Dockree of the Cottage, 29A, Stockwell Park Road, London.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. DOWSON, Humphrey Capt, 9th King's Royal Rifle Corps. Son of Beatrice Dowson, of "Littleholme," Richmond Rd., Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex, and Walter Dowson.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. DRAISEY, Edwin Rowland Watts Capt (Acting), 8th Bedfordshire Regt. Son of Edwin William & Annie M.P. Draisey, of Station House, Lionel Rd., Brentford, Middlesex.  † KIA 15 Sept 1916. DUNCOMBE, Charles William Reginald (2nd Earl of Feversham) Lt-Col, 21st King's Royal Rifle Corps. Son of William Reginald Duncombe, Viscount Helmsley, elder son of 1st Earl of Feversham; husband of Countess of Feversham (later Lady Marjorie Beckett, of Kirkdale Manor, Nawton, Yorks).   † KIA 15 Sept 1916. DUNFORD, Roy Craig Capt (Temp) 1st/6th Northumberland Fusiliers. Son of Charles George and Barbara Jane Dunford, of Newcastle-on-Tyne; husband of Helen Walker Dunford, of 9, Polwarth Terrace, Edinburgh.  † Died of wounds received 15 Sept 1916